Find the Best Health Plan for You


We provide quantitative measurements periodically of a variety of information to ensure you are on track to meet your company’s established goals, discover and stay abreast of developing positive or troubling trends, and be well positioned to change strategies should data suggest a correction is warranted.

We can run reports on demand and review transactional data with employers to ensure they have a complete understanding of what the information indicates. We strive to communicate the short- and long-term effects that the underlying data illustrates:

  • Monthly paid claims register
  • Monthly eligibility
  • Claims analysis (by employee and particular coverage)
  • Annual hospital utilization analysis
  • Managed care programs savings

Count on receiving information that’s accurate, on budget, on time, every time.

When applied to the healthcare plan that Employee Benefit Solutions recommends for your organization, this array of quality services helps you achieve maximum results and cost efficiency. Call us at (203) 563-0885 to learn more about the personal attention we offer with everything we do for you.